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Saturday, July 7, 2012

There is something in your life called pace. Which varies with people.
Somebody is normal, somebody tends to go faster.
It is the pace and dreams that count. No one would ever like to stop.
But when they do, its just a rest. The next second, they start again.
Dont ever look back unless you really wanna go back to that time.
I can stop and wait for whoever is picking up. But please try to pick up.
Because no one would ever waited for you just because you're special. 
No matter what life goes on. So please move your ass off.
When the gap gets bigger and bigger and thats the time you're gonna feel the changes.
People in the past feel more because they have been through and hope not to repeat again.
And thats why they kept on giving reminders that some certain people dont even care.
It is the strong feeling of not letting the people around us regret with the same feeling.
I am so tired of these. And im not gonna say it anymore.
That is the sense of disappointment.