Wednesday, March 27, 2013

There are something I need to confess which I never mentioned before.
Friendship is based on a word called trust. If you believe in it you'll never get it wrong.
See it wider so you won't feel like you have no one beside you.
Another one called respect. You respect someone who called you a friend.
Think for the others. Try to jump out from the square and you'll see how wonderful it is.
I don't need to mention to tell you what's in my mind. And someone who knows doesn't need to tell.
And one so called love. Love the friends beside you and be thoughtful.
If you need love, they need it too. No excuses needed and just do it.
Friendship is a transparent connection between two or more without doing anything.
You don't need to do anything to get connected. Just close your eyes and feel it.
It's about giving and not only receiving. What you can do for the others?
Nothing? And you're useless. Sorry to say that but it's apparently true.
A simply happiness is what I expect to get from someone who called friend.
These are what I wanna say this time. Hopefully you'll get what you needed.