Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Longest Day i've ever had

2day was a tiring day..Since the beginning til the very end of the day...
I'm tired of everything.. I'd think tat i probably need a holiday..since i've no any holiday til now..
I'm living at a thought of 'the next day doubt' or 'the future doubt' probably..
i'm trying hard to survive 2day, bcoz i dont knw hows 2moro..or maybe the future..
The main pillar in me is not with me..I'm trying hard to get it..so apparently I dont hav a thing to support..That makes me started to feel afraid..Afraid of the coming days..I dont knw how im gonna face it..
2moro is my real PPL exam..i'd say that im stil not prepared..
Wish me the best of luck to pass my exam 2moro..

Saturday, August 20, 2011

life as an Island

Well..a great movie is just like bringing u to an amazing and unforgettable trip..
And i were just back from an awesome Island trip!! With full of thoughts and stories..
We human..creates stories that makes our life more happy and lovely..
How i wish i could hav a plenty of time to travel as many island as i can..with full of love stories..
with drinks..fruits..cheese cakes..awesome foods......and nice shirts!!! unforgetting nice photos!! What an...extraordinary life........tats what our life should be..
well lets change our point of view..if we could just change our mind and bring the same feeling from island to our work or studies or current situations..it would be slightly different..
which would..maybe, slightly enjoyable...put the same attitude, the same happiness,
the same smiles, and the same mentality..=)
So i do hope every of my single day would be like a love story in the island..
sweet, happy, and comfortable..
Shouldn't the things we pursue for our whole life be just happiness n fulfillness..??
Thats just the point...so dun care about the others..
Lets make our life in the Island!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pre License

A big day for me 2moro..
my GFPT pre license..which is more impt thn the real exam..
my feeling was like.........yes..quite nervous but almost no feeling n helpless..
everyone were like "u'll be fine''..''dun worry''.......
seems like everyone put a lot hope on me...even my INSTRUCTOR!!
''I'm sure u'll pass!!!''..........in tis case...i hav to pass anyway..
my inst is the most most famous inst in my college..everyone were craving for him..
haha..n i got him..
anyway....wish me good luck!!
i need a lot of luck!!!